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     Amar K. Sinha     Hazaribag, Jharkhand     Excellent opportunity to Network with People of own Land



     Achal Barla    Ranchi    This is really a cool.. why didn't I knew about this before!!.





     Abhishek Ranjan Besra    Jharkhand, Dumka Its very good ....& it is helping all Jharkhandis to keep in contact through internet



Ajay Rana    Hazaribag Jharkhand      Excellent



     Ajit Horo    Ranchi, Jharkhand  gr8 way of interaction with d people of Jharkhand



     Ajit Kumar  Arrah, Bihar       Great way to connect with this land



     Ambuj Kumar Chaibasa (West Singhbhum) Jharkhand It is a nice attempt to bring all Jharkhand natives together



     Amit Kumar  Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand   Great Initiative to connect all people who belong to Jharkhand



     Amit Prakash Gupta       Japla Cement Factory, Palamu, Jharkhand    good initiative,we will make it alive...online


     Anuj Rajan   Hazaribag    In is really a gr8 initiative to bring us together



     Anup Eric Kujur    Gumla, Jharkhand  Great place to place thoughts and to communicate



     Anuranjan Kumar Anuj     Hazaribagh (Jharkhand)  Nice group! develop base ideology, work for ground realities...make a difference through vision



     Ar. Pankaj Kumar Lal    Ranchi Nice platform to interact and know about Jharkhand people...



     Arjun Gupta Gosai Bigha, Nawada, Bihar      Its a good effort



     Arun Kumar Choudhary    East Singhbhum, Jharkhand     



     Arundhati Thakur   Jamshedpur  Its a nice portal for the people of Jharkhand


     Ashok Kumar Ginjo Thakur Gaon, Ranchi, State - Jharkhand       It's best platform to communicate with each other easily



     Ashok Kumar Verma       Raipur, Chhattisgarh      Its just nice beginning



     Ashok Kumar Xess Rourkela (Orissa) It is a fabulous Initiative for great possibilities.


     Aslam Rajan pur/Pakistan Good and informative site. It is my favourite group


     Atul kumar  Bokaro Steel City - Jharkhand  Superb - Helping Hand



     B K Kachhap Ranchi, Jharkhand  It is good to read views






     Balram Tiwary     Jamshedpur, Jharkhand    Good Idea!!!



     Barbara Thyab Ali Chennai      Excellent way in keeping touch with your own State (those who have left for better prospects) and letting all know about the happenings within the State. Joint ventures can be extended in order to make the State a better place in future. United we stand, divided we fall, should be the motto of all on this site:



     Basudeo Mahto      Hazaribagh   That should be more informative and provide more information for remote area of Jharkhand



     Catherine    Mao, Manipur       Great Initiative. Connecting people and creating a knowledge base.



     Chandan Singh      Hazaribag    Hope great place to keep in touch and know each other….....



     Commander Debashis Mukherjee  Patna, Bihar Yet to form an opinion



     DR. ANAND MOHAN SOREN DUMKA JHARKHAND Excellent for Jharkhand loving people



     Dipti Hazaribag, Jharkhand     Great combination of brains towards development



     Doctor Prasad Jaiswal    Chhattisgarh This site is very useful and more information for cg & Jharkhand state.



     Dr Suranjan Sarkar       Jamtara, Jharkhand       A good place to interact between like minded people concerned in development of Jharkhand



     Dr Janet Singh    Jamshedpur, Jharkhand    Irrespective of time and distance, this Jharkhand network enables us to contribute our valuable ideas for a better tomorrow in Jharkhand.



     Dr. ANAND RANJAN BESRA      Dumka; Jharkhand Its a new but an efficient way to keep in contact & share our individual views



     Dr. Dhanakar Thakur     Forbesganj (Arariya), Bihar    Good portal



     Dr. Dhuni Soren    Dumka, Jharkhand It is more inclusive and covers wider areas.



     Dr. Rajat Kumar Kujur   Sundargarh, Orissa It's a happening place for academicians, activists, researchers, and students.



     Dr. Sunil Pio       Mazbat (Darrang), Assam       It is transforming the world to a village



     Dr. Suresh Motwani       Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) Its good initiative to network with the community.



     Fr. Bipin Pani      Jamshedpur  Jharkhand online network is a good initiative.



     G Mani      Ranchi It is a good start ...surely nice place to get in touch


     Himanshu Thakkar  Kutch (Gujarat)   I will look forward to knowing about development related issues of Jharkhand, particularly those concerning dams, water, hydropower, floods, and rivers.


     Jane Shanti Singh  Jamshedpur , Jharkhand   Brings people from different spheres together.



     Jawed Akhtar      Jamshedpur  A very good platform to meet local peoples



     Jhadeswar Murmu  Bhatchhatar (Mayurbhanj, Orissa)     Glad to hear that people are thinking of development..



     Johnson Topno       Ranchi & Jharkhand      This Network should bind us all together and make contribution professionally our state a model state(in all respects) in the world where everyone has a space, love, harmony for one another.



     Kiran Jalem Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh  Perfect and is necessary


     Kumar Ranchi, Jharkhand  I persuaded your group site and find excellent attempt to connect the persons with Jharkhand


     Kumar Manish      Ranchi, Jharkhand  Good place to share knowledge about my state


     Kumar Rahul Nalanda, Bihar     good but need to deliver on what it was intended for i.e. to contribute and to make a difference to the cause of Jharkhand


     Laljeet Oraon       Lohardaga, Jharkhand.     It is a very good link to come closer to each other.



     M C Deogam Singhbhum (W), Jharkhand      Nice Platform to get in contact with Jharkhandis.






     Mahadev Hansda    Purulia, West Bengal     Its a great initiative to connect people interested in the issues related to Jharkhand regions. It helps in exchange our learning experiences.....



     Maheshwar Munda  Bandgaon West Singhbhum  Jharkhand   Nice place for interaction with Jharkhandis



     Manish Gunjan      Ranchi Excellent Effort


     Manoj Kumar Hazaribagh, Jharkhand    Only One mineral State in India and having more area to development


     Mukti Tirkey      Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal      It is a unique platform to introduce each other for exchange of ideas, views, experience and knowledge. I find it exciting and thrilling .My heartiest congratulations to the promoters’. Myself born outside Jharkhand, I was very anxious to know about my roots in Jharkhand. Out of burning urge to learn more and more about Jharkhand and Jharkhandi people I have been visiting every nook and corner of Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh. I searched the Jharkhandis in the tea gardens of Assam too.....Now, this Jharkhand Network make everything so easy that I may find Jharkhandis pals all over the world on this network. My best of greetings to all friends and well wishers. .



     Munuren Burh      Pogloya (Simdega), Jharkhand   Awesome



     Nadeem Akhtar     Ranchi Well, its a good forum where you can enjoy a class interaction.



     Nagendra Kumar    Bokaro Steel City  A Great Start



     Nash(eed) Rehmann Ranchi, Jharkhand  JON should encourage & exchange the prospects of doing International Trade



     Navdeep Shahdeo    Ranchi, Jharkhand  It is nice to meet people of your location through this network



     Naveen Jha  Jamshedpur  It is a great initiative and in future it will help us to contribute for Jharkhand



     Nivedita Swami     Ranchi, Jharkhand  I appreciate the group's efforts. I have also written an article on this group that was published last month. U will be surprised to know that I received more than 100 calls where people were asking how to become a member of this group.



     Niveditta Baxla     Ranchi, Jharkhand  Whatever I have seen so far looks to be very good and informative






     P V KIRAN KUMAR    Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh good way to keep all the Jharkhandis in tech.. :)



     P. C. Hembram     Mayurbhanj, Orissa Response to nostalgia



     Panchanan Tudu     Mayurbhanj, Orissa Great network for well-wishers to make Jharkhand a better place.



     Pankaj       Barharwa, Sahibganj, Jharkhand Its the best way to make our presence felt across globe



     Paribhasha Sharma Jamshedpur, Jharkhand    It's a good platform to stay connected with the people of Jharkhand



     Parthasarathi Roy  Ranchi Good Network to join people of same origin



     Patronila Lakra     Jammu It is very helpful for me to know about my roots in Jharkhand



     Pawan Kujur Ranchi Excellent



     Pawan Kumar P.T.P.S. Jharkhand      It is amazing group I have ever seen. Its a very good platform to find out our friends and can make new frnds. Thanks to Moderator.



     Peter Swapan Tudu 7/3 Monipuri Para  Best way to organise all people for any issue



     Piyush verma Bokaro steel city, jharkhand     grt place to know other peoples of jharkhand



     Polly Prity Ekka  Assam It is Superb and helps us to know our people based in different locations.



     Prabhat Ranjan Mandal    Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand   Well, I am not sure what to think about this group without even entering into it. But, I am hoping to meet lots of great minds who have aspirations to contribute to this regions development.



     Prabir       Kolkata      Good idea



     Prashanta Pathak  Jamshedpur ,Jharkhand    nice place to live and learn



     Pratap Tambay     Mumbai     




     Pratyush Kumar    Parasnath / Giridih / Jharkhand Wonderful opportunity to explore our roots and to share our view points



     Praveen Kumar Mishra    Garhwa, Jharkhand - 822112   



     Praveen Ohal       Aurangabad (Maharashtra)       Good portal for Developing Jharkhand



     Praveen kumar Mishra    Garhwa, Jharkhand A very good platform to meet local people.



     R Kalyani    Jamshedpur Jharkhand    hey it is good...but members are too inactive



     RISHEN K MUKHERJEE      RANCHI JHARKHAND Good to be in touch and contribute for my native state



     RKRAO     ANDHRA PRADESH    networking is good; but it must lead to action


     Raj Prasad  Hazaribagh   Just logged in, comments later some time.



     Rajan Dubey Bihar I m Very Happy that, I m the member of Jharkhand group


     Rajan Kumar Munger, Bihar      Good Initiative



     Rajeev K Srivastava      Ranchi, Jharkhand 



     Rajeev R. Singh    Daltonganj   It will make a difference in Jharkhand Development n Image boost up



     Rajesh       Ranchi, Jharkhand  Good to have a common forum where all Jharkhandis can express their views



     Rajesh Agrawal     Chhatona, Mungeli, Dist Bilaspur, chhattisgarh       It is a useful group to know what are happening in newly farmed states.



     Rajesh K Pandeya  Hazaribag Jharkhand      Good effort. May lead to areas growth.



     Rajesh Kumar Thakur     Deoghar Jharkhand It is very good



     Rajesh Mehta       Ranchi Its a great step towards bringing close to all who belongs to Jharkhand



     Rakesh kumar singh Hazaribagh, Jharkhand    grt platform to come closer to our home state people in the unknown state.





     Ranjan Rinju Rajgir, Dist Nalanda (Bihar)   Nice portal to get in touch with root.



     Rashmi Ekka Jamshedpur, Jharkhand    useful resource



     Ravindra Kumar     Simdega      Great way to enter in heart of Jharkhand People.



     Rupesh Roshan      Hazaribag    good






     Sachidanand Dev    Ranchi A good start



     Sachin Kumar       Ranchi it is good to be updated through this network...



     Sadanand Xaxa      Palamau, Jharkhand       A place to meet & share native people from anywhere in the world



     Samir Phadnis      Mumbai, Maharastra       To meet people from a land where I came to achieve my career goals from Mumbai



     Samir Stephan Kujur      Anandpur, West Singhbhum, Jharkhand  Good Initiatives!!!



     Sanatan      Bhojpur (Bihar) However, brought up at Hazaribagh & always considered Hazaribagh as my home land.  Its a wonderful effort to bring all the persons together who believe in strengthening fraternity for Jharkhand



     Sangeeta Lakra     Assam It is a very wonderful means to keep in touch with our own people.



     Sanjay Kumar Thakur     Madhubani, Bihar   I wish to see JON as driving force behind our state's development. JOHAR to all of you.



     Sarmistha Roy      Kolkata      Nothing much, but the website seems quite interesting and I will be really eager to know more about the functioning of the site



     Sarvottamjee M Jaipuriar Ranchi Good place to interact with people from my own state



 •    Sathya Mohan P.V Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh Informative.



     Satish Chandra Jha Madhubani, Bihar   It is a better place to unite all people who cares for Jharkhand and welfare of the Jharkhand People.



     Satish Girija Ranchi, Jharkhand  Very appreciable Initiative



     Serbjeet Prasad    Ranchi Very informative website



     Shakeel Ahmad     Samastipur (Bihar) This network is excellent.



     Shashank S. Sinha  Hazaribag, Jharkhand     should be a good forum to bring together people related to Jharkhand



     Shashi Barla Chiria Good Work, More visuals and some local music required.

     Sudesh Kumar       Hazaribag, Jharkhand     It’s a growing interactive platform



     Sudip Kr.Das       Deoghar      Its a great step towards bonding to the roots, our native place



     Sujit Kumar Sanyal Ranchi (Ranchi & Jharkhand)   it is a commendable platform to bring Jharkhandis on a single platform.



     Suvir Kumar Patna A Great Initiative 



     TV Sinha    V - Narsinghpur, Distt Palamau, Jharkhand   Nice initiative



     Vibhaw Kumar      Ranchi, Jharkhand  Good beginning but yet to develop & improve it further



     Vikash Kumar       Sahibganj    Together we can do a lot for Jharkhand



     Vikrant Kishore    Ranchi, Jharkhand  Its a great way to connect... online media is the future...being global and living local... its great that with this we get an opportunity to be a part of GLOCAL (global+local) JHARKHAND



     Vinay Yadav  Varanasi, UP       Great Effort - but still miles to go.



     Vivek Prasad       Ranchi, Jharkhand  A great effort to connect people....






     Yashpal Singh       Singbhum Jharkhand       It is good.



     Yuvraj Gajpal       Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh    just joined



     koya  bastar, Chhattisgarh      great



     mani ekka    rourkela,orissa      it's a very good link to know the people of this network & interact with them.



     mani hansda   godda Jharkhand    Its good initiative to network with the community



     Padmaparna Ghosh    New Delhi, Delhi  


     saroj kumar soren   godda  it is good for interacting



     satya prakash mishra      ramgarh cantt, hazaribagh, Jharkhand   it is a very good link to come closer to each other



     srinivas      jamshedpur   the state is has great tradition and lovely people, but responsibilities now lies each one of us (Jharkhandis) to make this state no 1 in the country by choosing right people in the state otherwise we would always be exploited as we were in the past



     Sudipta Dutta Ranchi, Jharkhand  it’s good



     Sunder manoj hembrom     dumka, Jharkhand  it's a good idea.



     Sweta Singh  Patna Nice group!



     It’s a very good link to know the people of this network & interact with them.




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