Social & Healthy Action for Rural Empowerment (SHARE)

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  • Name of the Organization: Social and Healthy Action for Rural Empowerment (SHARE)
  • Registered Address: At-Po: Sarjamda, Jamshedpur, District: East Singhbhum, Jharkhand-831002, India
    • Project Office: Nuagram, PO-Bhalki, Potka
    • Coordination Office: x-road-19, K2/29, Telco Colony, Jamshedpur - 4
  • Date of Establishment: 2.10.1995
  • Registration detail:
    • Registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882 at Jamshedpur, Govt. of Jharkhand Regn no. 36/2002-03 dated 2nd January, 2003
    • Registered under Foreign Contribution Registration Act by Ministry Of Home, Govt. of   India, New Delhi bearing Regn. No. 337820042, 8 October 2004
    • Regtd U/S12A of Income Tax Act vide VIII-02/2005-06, dated 23 June 05
    • PAN Number: AAFTS2803N


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Sri Rudra Munda


At Po Sarjamda


Ms Sangita Rani


At PO Sarjamda


Ms Arti Patro


At PO Sarjamda


Ms Rajrani Prasad


At PO Sarjamda


Ms Sumi Mukhi


At PO Sarjamda


Ms Usha Gorai


At PO Sarjamda


Ms Devanti Devi


At PO Sarjamda


Sumitra Bodra


At PO Sarjamda


Kamal Bera


At PO Chakulia


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Social and Healthy for Rural Empowerment (SHARE), the women headed organization, came into being during 1995 with the commitment to an all round development and prosperity of rural people in general and Scheduled Tribes in particular. Having lived amidst nature, the people of Jharkhand are endowed with rich culture, forests and minerals. Ironically, it is also one of the most backward regions of the country. We have set our vision and aspirations of the people of Jharkhand of achieving social equity, prosperity and involvement of the weakest and most backward sections of the society in the developmental process.

SHARE has been concerned with the cause of tribal, women, children and underprivileged section of the society. It has been implementing educational, environmental, agricultural, self-employment, social empowerment, health programme, micro finance, watershed development, and agricultural and other awareness generation activities in remote and distant rural areas of East Singbhum, Seraikela-Kharsawaan and Hazaribag districts of Jharkhand.

The organization has experienced the agriculture has lower trend of growth rate, through it provides livelihood to the majority of the population. In this scenario, the development of this sector becomes critical for the entire socio-economic developmental process of the State. Generally, farmers yield one crop annually. In some pockets they travel far of places for drinking water especially during summer. All this is because of water scarcity and rainwater being the only source of agriculture. Therefore, we have started conducting awareness generation programme on rainwater harvesting in some pockets of East Singhbhum and Hazaribag districts of Jharkhand.

The organization has given top priority to people’s participation in these areas. Formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs), Village Development Committees, Forest Protection Committees, Water and Sanitation User Groups, Youth Clubs, Farmers’ Clubs, Adolescent Girls’ Clubs, has strengthened people’s involvement in development activities. It is also focusing on controlling child labour in these areas. The main concern of the organization is Tribal Development, Women & Child development.

SHARE also conducts awareness programmes on important Health issues pertaining to child and mothers health, youth and adolescent girls. In this ways organization has been engaged in improving the quality life of the rural masses. It promotes and undertakes healthy social developmental measures to provide a platform, where peoples, partnership and participation at all levels could be ensures.

Our vision for the people of the State is to achieve a healthy, educated, egalitarian and just social order. Where minimum basis needs of food, shelter, health, education and drinking water have been taken care of and each individual is able to access all the opportunities for their personal, educational and skill development.


A healthy, educated, egalitarian and just social order.


To facilitate the last first


o              To prioritize sustainable development

o              Integrated Development of the weaker sections in general and Scheduled Tribes in particular.

o              To promote health, education and environment in rural areas.

o              To work for women, youth and child empowerment

o              Enabling the community to undertake income generation activities

o              To initiate Capacity building measures.

o              To work on Natural Resource Management/ Watershed Development Programme

o              To promote Agro based industries I rural areas

o              To protect traditional knowledge base and systems

o              To facilitate and provide training and other technical support

o              To work on water and sanitation related issues.

o              To work on development of social and agro forestry.


o              Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, Important Days Celebration

o              Information Dissemination

o              Workshop on local issues (Child Labour, Child Rights, Drought, Sanitation, Education, Health & Hygiene, Environment, Women Right, awareness generation on different social issues.)

o              Training on capacity building and vocational courses

o              Adult Literacy

o              Campaign against Child Labour and Women abuse

o              Awareness camps on Family Welfare, Health, Family Planning

o              Awareness among communities on legal issues, rights and responsibilities.

o              Monitoring, Research, Evaluation, Survey Work, Reporting and Documentation

o              Micro Finance through Self Help Groups

o              Formation of Youth Club and Farmer Club

o              Rainwater Harvesting and Watershed Development

o              Fine Arts and Crafts Training

o             Capacity building



We believe in interventions at regular intervals in our programme area and persevere for quite some time. We assimilate with the community people and push project parameters over a stretch of time. This bears dramatic results in the long run.

Though we take up one or two issues when we enter programme area, ultimately we end up taking the holistic perspective. By our sincere efforts we impress upon our subjects in such a manner that they become party to this developmental process voluntarily and readily. Starting from the promotion of grassroots institutions like SHGs, Village Development Committees, Gram Sabhas, we proceed by enabling the whole village to act in unity and participate actively in the Nation Building Endeavour.

Integrated Development is the keyword!

In a nutshell, our strategy has been to improve socio-economic backwardness by exploring opportunities at village level through optimum utilization of available natural, institutional and human resources in the best interest of the rural populace.

SHARE’s ‘bottom up’ approach ensures community involvement in all spheres.


·                     Area of Operation                :     Entire state of Jharkhand.
Presently working in East Singhbhum, (Dumaria, Musabani, Ghatshila, Chakulia, Dhalbhumgarh, Baharagora, Potka and Jamshedpur Blocks), Hazaribag (Katkamsandi Block) in Jharkhand.

·                     Thrust Area                         :     Watershed, Environment, Education, Integrated Tribal Development, Women & Child Development, Youth and Adolescent Health

·                     Activities                             :    

o        Integrated Tribal Development

o        Women Empowerment

o        Child Development

o        Income Generation/Micro Finance

o        Health and Nutrition

o        Education

o        Watershed Development

o        Environment



Ø        Project – Condensed Course (Middle Level)

Funding Agency                           :       Central Social Welfare Board, Govt. of India

Ø        Project – Fishery Development (100% Subsidy Scheme)

Funding Agency                           :       Fisheries Department, Govt. of Jharkhand

Ø        Project – Jharkhand Tribal Dev Programme

Funding Agency:IFAD, Rome ,WFP,and Jharkhand Tribal dev Society ,Ranchi

Ø        Project – Vocational Training Course

Funding Agency                           :       Jan Sikshan Sansthan,East Singhbhum

Ø        Project – Literacy Programme for Rural Women

Funding Agency                           :       District Literacy Department, East Singbhum

Ø        Project – Cottage Industry Training Programme

Funding Agency                           :       Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India

Ø        Project – Tailoring and Cutting Training Programme

Funding Agency                           :       Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ministry of Youth & Sport, Govt of India.

Ø        Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Programme

Funding Agency                           :       Central Social Welfare Board, Government of India