Jharkhand Forum posting norms


Johar, these are the Jharkhand Forum's norms. If you do have any problems or concerns then refer to this message to see if it is addressed otherwise e-mail forum@jharkhand.org.in It is assumed that all members are familiar with the rules and guidelines presented here.





Jharkhand Moderators and Jharkhand Volunteers are actively working to promote each and every member of Jharkhand Forum including all non-profit NGOs working in India.


After joining Jharkhand Forum, we would like  to suggest you to create a profile page on JHARKHAND NETWORK - http://network.jharkhandi.com  thats a social networking website (Or, Jharkhand Volunteer will create profile page for you and you need to send them a passport size picture and your resume / CV).  Jharkhand Volunteer Email ID- volunteer@jharkhand.us


Then Jharkhand Moderators will clip your profile pic ture including profile page link with your post at Jharkhand Forum, so that everyone can know more about you as well as you can able to market your education, skills and experiences  on world wide web.



=== Rules and guidelines ===


While it is hoped that there should be no need for moderating on this forum members should bear in mind the following norms and guidelines which are designed to ensure the forum is fair and respects the interests of the majority of its members.




1/ Time is money for everyone.


While posting your message to 'Jharkhand Forum' please always Remember, you are taking up someone's time, so please avoid one line messages in forum like -


Thank you for your reply or I am good or Greetings or I agree etc. For one line greetings or appreciation message - you may use the ‘Jharkhand Instant Messenger’ @ www.jharkhand.org.in/forum




2/ Respect always do matter.


As you know most of Jharkhand Forum members have never met, in order to avoid any misunderstanding and to demonstrate respect for the other members, please keep the following norms in mind when you are communicating through Jharkhand Forum:


·                     Follow the same standards of politeness that you would in any other situation. 


·                     Feel free to express your ideas, thoughts, and feelings, but do so in a way that will   respect others.


·                     Prepare your correspondence in a professional manner & please use respectful salutations. 


·                     Everyone makes mistakes. Don't criticize others’ simple errors. Check your spelling and grammar.



3/ Always Remember.


Please, don't pass on chain-letter-type messages, advertisements, materials from another website without mentioning it's original source, links of commercial websites of any kind, virus alerts, petitions, job adverts, give-away and dire warnings etc. Also, please avoid followings in your personal e-mail signature - Blog or Website or Resume or Personal Profile links of any kind i.e. supported by commercial advert and web links of company or organization or business that you represent.




4/ 100 percent Freedom.


Jharkhand Forum gives you 100 percent freedom to express your voices / thoughts / ideas / opinions / experiences and suggestions etc.


All members are responsible for their own comments and neither ‘A Global Network of Jharkhand’ nor the Jharkhand Forum's Management Team can be held responsible for any views expressed on Jharkhand Forum.



5/ Insults and threats will not be accepted.


Please be respectful of others even when you do not agree with them, if that is asking too much then ignore them.  Insults and personal attacks are not welcome on this forum and any member who resorts to such behaviour will be warned first and then moderated if they persist.  Members should feel free to be able to express themselves in a non judgmental environment.  This does not mean other members can not question any view that has been express, nor should you expect your own view not to become the subject of debate, but that members should not be attacked personally for the view they hold, and only their reasoning should be open to criticism.


Anyone who threatens another member, or acts in such a way which causes another member to feel threatened, will be removed from the Jharkhand Forum.




6/ Think before replying mail. 


·                     Don't assume everyone is passionate about your cause. In other words, before hitting the Reply button, be sure you are replying to the correct party. If you are replying to a Jharkhand Forum e-mail, does your reply need to go to everyone, or is it intended for the sender only?


·                    Ensure you have read an understood a message before replying to it, don't just skim read or assume someone's position. If you feel someone is misinterpreting you then don't get caught up on it.


·                     Both sides of the argument are available for other members to be able to make up their own mind.


·                     If you constantly try to push the same point people may get fed up or consider you unable to back up your position.And please try to reply to the spirit of the original message rather than a literal interpretation.




·                     Make sure your name and perhaps your city/town/place/country is on every message you send so that others can identify you.


·                     Make sure everyone is familiar with any jargon being used; be aware of acronyms and abbreviations.


·                     Don't type in all capital letters. It looks like shouting.


·                     Don't type in all lower-case letters. This is known as mumbling.





7/ Quote selectively.


When replying to a post think before including the original message verbatim.  There are two main ways of replying, keeping the original message at the bottom or breaking the original message into blocks and putting your own responses underneath each of these blocks.  If you use the former method then only include the original message and edit out any messages to which it may have itself been a response. If using the latter then keep the blocks short, and only retain those which are relevant to your reply.


Messages which including too many quoted messages are often difficult to read, especially for those receiving the digest form of the list, and can get quite large which takes longer to download and may work out expensive for those who pay for internet connection time.




8/ Change the subject line.


It is inevitable that many discussions will go off on tangents or change direction, if this happens please change the subject line to reflect the new topic of conversation.




9/ Indicate off topic posting.


Off topic posting is welcome so long if it is of interest to the few members of Jharkhand Forum.  It is helpful if you are sending anything that would not be considered by the majority of members to be of strict relevance to ‘Jharkhand Forum’ by including [Off-Topic] on the subject line so people who are not interested can tell which messages are relevant.




10/ Think before forwarding.


Forwarded messages are welcome so long as they are relevant or interest to the Jharkhand Forum. This includes messages of a non-commercial nature so long as they do not dominate the forum.  Anyone who joins the Jharkhand Forum solely to 'spam' it will be removed and may be reported to their e-mail service provider. 



11/ Attachments - Video, PDF, PPT and Photographs.


Big size Attachments and Photographs can be posted only after review by Jharkhand Forum Management Team. So, if you want to send something in attachments such as self made video, PDF files, photographs or Power Point Presentation to the entire forum then, please send it to forum@jharkhand.org.in 



12/ Misuse.


At Jharkhand Forum, harassing any member or staff or approaching any member for network marketing purpose or misuse of any services and violation of norms will be dealt strictly.  



13/ Copyrights Issues.


In Forum, please don’t post or pass other’s work with your name. Don’t forget to mention its original source in original form’. Also, you are strictly not allowed to publish or forward any e-mail or thread to third party and publish or post anything of ‘Jharkhand Forum’ or materials of any websites of ‘A Global Network of Jharkhand’ at your personal or commercial blog or website. In such activity, you will be accused in violating of Cyber law and liable to face consequences. If you want to use any material for a non-profit purpose then approach to permission@jharkhand.org.in with details of your request.




=== Complaints ===


If you have any complaints regarding Jharkhand Forum, any of its members or particular messages then please, mail complain@jharkhand.org.in. It would be appreciated if you do not post your complaint to the forum as this has a tendency to cause disruption and can take longer to resolve than by being dealt with in private.


As a general policy it will be brought to someone's attention if there has been a complaint about them, although the anonymity of the complainant will be respected.  Unless someone is clearly acting in an unacceptable way they will be left to decide whether or not they wish to change their behaviour, only when there have been several justified complaints, or if a member consistently ignores warnings, would someone be censured.


Termination of membership from Jharkhand Forum will always be a last resort after all other attempts have failed.  If some does offend you then the best advice is always to try and ignore them, just as you would in real life.



=== Unsubscribing ===


If you wish to leave this forum then send a blank email (the content and subject will be ignored) to jharkhand-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please, note once you left forum then your subscribing e-mail id will be automatically added in Banned members' list and you may not apply for new membership with same e-mail id.




For further information, please write to  forum@jharkhand.org.in