Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK)

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·         Name of the organization           :           Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK)


·         Address

Co-ordination Office                    :           At : Amritnagar, P.O.: Korrah

Dist. :Hazaribag, 825301 Jharkhand,

       Registered Office                        :           At : Bahera, P.O.: Brindavan

Via :Chouparan, Dist.: Hazaribag

825301 Jharkhand, India


·         Date of establishment                              1971 


·         Registration details:


Society Registration Act - XXI, 1860 by IG Registration, Govt. of Jharkhand Ranchi Regn No. 390 year 2005-06 dated 22/03/06(Old Regn no 61/1974-75 dtd 26 Sept 1974 By Govt. of Bihar - Patna)

Under IT Act 12A of Income Tax Act no. OSD/IX-56/80-81, 7446-48 dtd-2.8.1982-83

Under section 80G of IT Act CIT/HZB/TECH/80G -01/06-07 dated 24th November 2006

PAN (Permanent account number) AAAAN0398R

TAN (Tax deduction at source account number) RCHN00140A

Registered under 35AC of IT Act  F.No. NC-270/131/2000 Amendment Notification S.O.No. 1365 (E) dated 27th November 2003. Re-approved for another 3 years as per letter dated 6th March 2007

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act Registration No 337750015


·         Name of the personnel in the governing body







Er. Girija Nandan

“Girija Satish”


Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra, Bahera,

 P.O.: Brindavan, Chouparan, Hazaribag.


Er. Satish Kumar

“Satish Girija”


Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra, Bahera,

 P.O.: Brindavan, Chouparan, Hazaribag.


Er. Prabhunath Sharma


Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra, Bahera,  P.O.: Brindavan, Chouparan, Hazaribag.


Er. Bhagwan Singh


At : Lahsuna, P.O.: Masaudi, Dt. : Patna


Shri Banwari Kumar


Baheratand, P.O.: Brindavan, Chouparan, Hazaribag


Smt. Roshani Dhruv Shah


22, Sweet Home Society, Ambabadi, Ahmedabad, Gujrat


Dr. Mandakini Pandey


301, Amitabh Kunj, Budha Colony, Patna, 800 001 Bihar


Sr. Lily Mathew


Lok Chetna Samity,Near Chaugaddi Stup. Sita Rasoi, Post.:Sarnath, Varanasi (U.P.)


·         Vision/mission/or core objectives of your organization


   The vision:

To establish a progressive, peaceful and a just society based on the values of equality, fraternity and mutual-help.


         The Mission:

To educate organize and empower the rural poor by promoting development as a liberating force for achieving social justice, economic growth and self-reliance.


·         No of employees

                Full time (355)

§         Professional                                           44     

§         Supervisory and Field Staffs                   311     

§         Female                                                  102

§         Male                                                     253                    

                Volunteers                                                    315     


·         Audited consolidated Receipt & Payment Accounts for the last three years



Total Receipt & Payment in Rupees








·         Is your organization have any religious or political objectives?          No



·         Origin

Four engineering graduates influenced by the Gandhian thought and who were highly sensitive to the causes of disparity, exploitation and poverty, deserted their comfortable lifestyle and turned towards exploring ways to establish a "just" society, in which no one remains hungry, unemployed, discriminated and exploited. Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra thus got established in the year 1971 by those four young engineers, supported by the great sarvodaya leader Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan.


·         Infrastructure

The registered office of NBJK is in Bahera village on G. T. Road close to Chouparan block, in Hazaribag district, Jharkhand. There it has 40 bedded Eye Hospital, one English medium public high school, one Hindi medium middle school, one residential bridge camp school for SC/ST girls and agriculture demonstration.


The Coordination office is in Hazaribagh town of Jharkhand.


It has its own 8 office buildings, training hall, guest house, canteen and other facilities at Bahera-Chouparan, Amritnagar- Hazaribag, ShantmanNagar- Ranchi, Chotkibaghi- Koderma, Shilounja- Bodh Gaya, Pakuria- Pakur and Rented office at Dumka (also another eye hospital under initiation), Khunti and Patna.


All the offices are well equipped with phone, fax and internet facilities. For the staff's easy movements and prompt action the office has over 60 motorbikes, 4 jeeps and 1 car. It has two buses for the schools at Bahera.


·         Areas of operation: NBJK is extensively working in the following districts.



Hazaribag        8 Blocks

Koderma         3 Blocks

Chatra                         3 Blocks 

Ranchi             5 Blocks

Pakur               1 Block

Dumka                       1 Block

Ramgarh          1 Block

Khunti             2 Blocks



Patna               10 slums

Gaya                1 Block


It is also working in another 40 districts by networking through the local voluntary organizations, activists and small groups.


·         Programs of NBJK.


A. Education

NBJK foresee education as a first step towards holistic development of a person.  Still, the educational facilities haven’t been able to percolate with the required intensity in the rural areas.  In this backdrop, NBJK has tried to make the educational facilities available in the remote areas through –


*      5 High school with special focus on rural girls- who otherwise drop out after class 5th in lack of such facility within their easy reach. 5 School covers over 2200 children.

*      Running 20 day- bridge-camp schools for non-school going children covering 500 children

*      9 Primary schools for rag-pickers and child labors in Patna Slums covering 283 children

*      Two primary schools in Chouparan block covering 308 children’s

*       Special school for 50 Mentally Retarded and children with Cerebral Palsy

*      Lord Budha home for  Orphan children covering 24 orphans

*      100 Remedial Coaching Centers in 3 blocks of Hazaribag district covering 2952 children


B. Socio economic / livelihood Program:


It aims at helping rural and slums poor women/men improve their socio economic condition through group formation, vocational training, promoting some livelihood activities, micro finance, watershed development, bank linkages etc. 



Following projects is running under socio economic development program:


*      Micro Finance and SHGs (Total No of SHG – 1957 having 28787 members and 368 JLG having 1660 members. Total number of Loanee members are 10273)

*      3 Retail and 1 Lac Co-operatives- Total 2478 members

*      Credit plus activities

*      Rural industries program- Promoting more than 2000 small enterprises

*      Watershed management program in Hazaribag, Ranchi, Pakur and Dumka

*      Integrated tribal development program in Khunti-Murhu

*      ETC-Employability Training Centers – Four ETC covering about 1000 youths in 3 districts


C. Health


Health services are the prime need of every people next to food. But it is a factual statement that health facilities are still a distant dream for rural poor. There is severe problem of health services and the villagers are the ultimate sufferer. In order to cater to community health needs, NBJK serves with many comprehensive health packages:


*      Rachna Program (Integrated Nutrition & Health Program including awareness and prevention on HIV/AIDs and STD/RTI).

*      Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program for persons with disability, inclusive education and special education for CP/MR children.

*      Community Mental Health Program directly and also in partnership with other 23 NGOs.

*      Reproductive health education and convergence of services program with awareness and safe behavior against HIV/AIDS/STD/RTI including Adolescent Sexual and & Reproductive Health cover a population of 7.5 Lakh

*      Life Cycle Approach program for Mother and Child in 73 villages

*      Primary Health Services through rural health camps

*      Hygiene & Sanitation, and Solid Waste Management Program with about 75,000HH

*      Loknayak Jaiprakash  Eye hospital (40 bedded)- Hazaribag  providing eye care services to about 15,000 patients in OPD and more than 4,000 Cataract Surgery every year. Another similar Eye Hospital initiated at Dumka  too, presently in a rented building.

*      Policy advocacy to curb Female feticide in 12 districts and for universalization of birth registration (Regd more than 1,75,000 child for birth certificates till 15 March 2008)


D. Mass Awareness and Social Action Programme:


Lok Samiti (People’s Organization):  Lok Samiti was conceived by Lok Nayak J.P. Narayan in 1977 with the dream of creating a just society.  This dream can’t be realized until & unless people become active.  Thus, Lok Samiti is the platform for the people to organize & raise their voice.  It takes up several issues, such as –


*      Organizing the rural poors under the banner “Lok Samiti” and developing their information base, leadership and help them in their struggle for realization of entitlement and benefits of different schemes and programs of the government..

*      Organizing the rural elderly under Vridh Sanghs and help them in getting benefits of govt. schemes and good behavior at home.

*      Manav Jodo Abhiyan- promoting inter-caste/inter-religion/ love marriages without dowry based on gender equity.

*      Family Counseling Center-to resolve family disputes

*      Campaign against female feticide

*      Influencing the policy makers to make it pro-poor.

*      Pressurizing the concerned authorities for transparency and RTI.

*      Fighting against atrocities on women and dalits.

*      Pressurizing for Panchayat election in Jharkhand and promotion of more women candidates


E. Small Group Support Programme:


The main objective of the small group support program is to strengthen, capacitate and sustain the Voluntary Organizations of rural Bihar and Jharkhand state. Under this program, the selected VOs and Activists are provided with capacity building support like training, exposure visit, experience sharing camp etc, and also they are provided financially to initiate and strengthen their field base. At resent NBJK is supporting:




Kind of support



Financial Support

116 NGOs


Capacity building and technical support

250 NGOs


Network on common Issue

400 + NGOs





Due to its efforts in the field and its achievements in the Development sector, NBJK has earned accolades on several fronts and time to time deputed members in different boards and committee:

*      Member Planning Commission- Steering committee for voluntary sector, New Delhi during drafting of Xth Five Year Plan

*      Member, National Standing Committee, CAPART during year 1995-2000

*      Executive Committee member, AVARD, New Delhi

*      Member, Advisory Committee, CORDAID- Himos Project Fund, Netherlands during 1993-1997

*      Monitoring Committee member, Consultancy cum guidance center Bania, Vaishali

*      Executive Committee member, GNK, Ghaziabad, U.P.

*      Member, VANI, New Delhi and BHVA, Patna

*      Member, State Committee For Supporting Voluntary Efforts , Dept of Welfare, Govt. of  Jharkhand from year 2005-06

*      Facilitation Center on Disability for CAPART, Govt. of India.

*      Member, District Management Committee

*      Got Sarda Award for Equal Opportunity in the year 2006, added by another Rs. 5 Lakh from Chief Minister Fund - Maharashtra  


Funding Supports and Donors (2007-08):


Action Aid- India, Action Village India-UK, AID-USA,  Basic Needs –UK, Axis bank- Mumbai, Brot Fur Die Welt – Germany, CARE- India, CBM-Germany/Bangalore, CAP Foundation Hyderabad-AIF Delhi, CAPART-New Delhi,  CINI- Kolkota, CORD AID-The Netherlands, CEE-New Delhi/Orissa, CSWB-New Delhi, District Labour Commissioner Office  - Hazaribag, Development Alternatives- New Delhi,  DRDA Pakuria- Hazaribag-Dumka, DST-New Delhi, HelpAge-India-Delhi/Ranchi, HUDCO- Ranchi, Homestead Charitable Trust – UK, INAFI – India, IGSSS-Ranchi/Kolkota, HDFC Bank-Ranchi, JEPC-Ranchi/Hazaribag/Pakur , NABARD-Ranchi/Koderma, OXFAM India Trust - Delhi, Plan International-India, Prakash Bhai Shah Family/Industry –Ahmedabad, REACH-India (USAID), RKPPF – Japan, Sight Savers International-UK, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, SIIDBI – Ranchi/Lucknow, SKN-The Netherlands, Sense International, SKB- The Netherlands, Sunil Walia-USA, The D L Packard Foundation USA/Delhi, The Paul Hamlyn Foundation-UK, Toxic-Links- N.Delhi, UNICEF-India, Volkart Foundation-Mumbai, Water Aid-UK and individual donations


 Sister NGO


 Stri Shakti 

 Amritnagar, P.O.: Korrah Dist. :Hazaribag, 825301 Jharkhand

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Focus Area: Health & Education Trainning, Handicaped Rearrangement, Mental Health & Women Empowerment etc.