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Ghatshila, Jharkhand



Ghatshila (also spelt as Ghatsila) is a town in East Singhbhum or Jamshedpur district in the state of Jharkhand.

Ghatshila is a Block with its headquarters at Ghatshila, was established on 4 May 1962. The Block is situated on the banks of River Subarnarekha at a distance of approximately 45 km from District Headquarters Jamshedpur. Due to the natural beauty of Ghatshila, it is becoming a favourite tourist spot (for more info go to Jharkhand Tourism Website: jharkhandtourism.ozg.in).

The city is located on the bank of the Subarnarekha River, and is situated in a forested area. It contains a station on the main line of the South Eastern Railway. Ghathsila was formerly the headquarters of the Rajas of Dhalbhum whose ancestors were from royal house of Cuttack (Orissa).

Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) is located at Moubhandar, a mile away. This is the chief employer or indirect source of income for the people of Ghatshila, Moubhandar, Musabani and nearby villages. Ghatshila is best known for the HCL mines because they are Asia's first copper mines and the world's second deepest mines.


Dhalbhum Family is one of a group of families whose ancestor’s comes from THE NORTH-WEST (DHARA & MANDU), Boader of Rajsthan of India and established them by conquest in that part of Bengal. This is known as Jungle Mahals. These families keep up a sort of Semi Royal state and dignify their heir-apparent and those in immediate succession with title of honor, which denotes Precedence. Thus the Dhalbhum family the oldest son of the ruling raja takes the title of Jubraj, the second that of Hikkim, the third of Barathakur the fourth that of Kuar, the fifth that of Musib and the rest Babu.

The area of Dhalbhum Raja is 12,00 Square mile. Dhabaldeo Title is only Title in the world. Raja Jaganath constructed the "Rankini Mandir" at galudih. But due to some problem, he shifted the Kali temple along with all the associates and other people to Ghatsila and build up a temple for Kalimata, which is Know as "RANKINI MATA". Rankini Devi is very much Jagrat & Popular.

According to past stories NARBALI was done in the temple of Ghatsila. But when this news reached to the British collector and officers, Raja was charged of this fact Raja denied and challenge officers to have a look in the temple for the skins and accompanied them to the mandir. There all of them including high Rank officers show that the Skins are of goat, not of human being.


The unspoilt natural beauty of Ghatshila attracts tourists from far and wide. This beautiful city is located on the banks of river Subarnarekha that adds to its scenic beauty. Some of the major attractions of Ghatshila are:

The Binda Mela is celebrated in the month of Aswin (October) every year. The mela continues for 15 days.

A waterfall, which is 20 feet high, is located at Dharagiri, which is 6 miles north of Ghatshila.

Panch Pandav is another attraction, which is located three miles north west of Ghatshila. At this place there is a stone on which the figures of five men are engraved. As per the legend the figures on the stone are that of the five Pandav brothers.

Apart from the above-mentioned historical places at Ghatshila, one can also visit the Burudih Dam, Galudih Resort Centre, Rankini Temple and Phuldungri Mountain. Some of the other nearby tourist attractions are Guludih and Dhalbhoomgarh. Ghatshila has also historical significance as it is the birthplace of the famous writer Bibhuti Bhushan Bandyopadhaya.


Its connected to most of the important stations in Bihar and Jharkhand through rail and road-network. Jamshedpur is at a distance of 45 kilometre (by road)and 37 km (by railroad) west of this town. Trains from Kharagpur that goes to west in Jamshedpur direction mostly have stoppages here. Distance between Ghatsila and Kharagpur is 98 kilometres.

  • By rail - It is a railway station on the Kharagpur-Tatanagar stretch of Howrah-Mumbai track, 215 km from Howrah are 2781/2782 Ispat Express, 8030/8029 Kurla/ Howrah Express, 2813/2814 Steel Express. It is well connected to 3 Metros in India namely Mumbai(by Bombay Express), Kolkata (many trains starting from 6 o'clock in the morning by Steel Exp. to midnight at 1.15 by Samleshwari Exp) and New Delhi(by Neelachal & Utkal Exp).

There are many Local Passenger trains connecting Jamshedpur and Kharagpur with Ghatshila. For timings etc check with Indian Railways.

  • By road – It is about 240 km from Kolkata. Those travelling from Kolkata first have to take NH 6 to Baharagora and then take the road to Jamshedpur. Buses plying between Kharagpur and Jamshedpur pass through Ghatshila. Buses going from Kolkata to Jamshedpur and Ranchi also pass through Ghatshila. By road Jamshedpur is 42 km away.



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